About Us

We are SLTC

As we mentioned above, SLTC is a part of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. But don’t be shy if you’ve never been to our church, or haven’t been to any church before. You don’t have to be a member at our church to be involved with the shows that we put up. But, if you are interested in finding out more about St. Luke’s, feel free to click the link below and check out our church!

We are Volunteers

We are a community built on volunteers! We pride ourselves on the fact that we can put up big and little shows alike with a tremendous amount of talent that money really can’t buy! We are simply looking for motivated people who love the arts and want to be a part of a friendly and courteous community. Click the link below to volunteer at the St. Luke’s Theatre Company.

We are Campy

Every Summer as a part of our theatre season we have a Summer Camp. We believe that the arts are a very important part of our faith, and we also believe that it is a love that has to be taught as well as experienced. If you have a little one that would like to join us for the summer, we invite you to head on over to the Drama Camp page to get all the info you need to register!

Some Shots Of Us In Action!

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