Sleeping Beauty Audition Results


Cast Part Name
Chorus a narrator Shalena Putnam
Kid / Captain Chester Runch Jason Church
King of Happyville a king Chris Sumida
Queen of Happyville Danielle Sumida
Fool a court jester Leslie Dame
Grace a witch Becky Bacus
Aggie another witch Zoe Thompson
Lily yet another witch Madeline Hiller
Good Fairy Jacqueline Detzler
General Stephen Barbarossa
Gardener Jon Acuna
Seamstress Becky Bacus
Surgeon Madeline Hiller
School Teacher Kate Ashbaugh
Chef Aaron Mann
Town Crier Jacqueline Detzler
Princess Larry Kate Ashbaugh
Smidge a sentry Danielle Sumida
Tadger another sentry Jacqueline Detzler
Prince Denholm an overboard actor Becky Bacus
Prince Dexter Zoe Thompson
Prince Marcus Luke Church
Conspiracy Nut Leslie Dame
The Prince our hero Jon Acuna
A Wizard Stephen Barbarossa
The Regular-Sized Giant Aaron Mann
A Lawyer Chris Sumida
A Referee Luke Church
The Crazy Castaway a mentally deranged shipwreck victim Danielle Sumida
And the pirate crew:
First Mate Horatio Madeline Hiller
Midshipman Melville Jacqueline Detzler
Bosun Billy Budd Chris Sumida
Quentin QueeQueg Stephen Barbarossa
Cabin Boy Elliott Cole Ashbaugh